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Benefits of using shea butter

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Derived from the nut of the karite tree native to West Africa, Shea butter has been used for centuries as a very rich emollient that prevents skin from drying out. It has been reported that Queen Cleopatra herself regularly used Shea butter as part of her beauty regimen. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties and is touted as having a mild sun-screen effect. It also carries large portions of vitamins A and E, both of which are essential to the maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

Key Benefits

Shea butter soap helps prevent dry skin and keeps your skin nourished and healthy.

Shea butter soap is less harsh than other types of soap. Even when mixed with other ingredients to make soap, Shea butter retains its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter soap also contains unsaponifiable compounds. These compounds allow more of the shea butter to be delivered directly to your skin

Shea butter soap is safe for use for just about all people. If you have a nut allergy, you may wish to consult your physician first, just to be safe.

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I really like shea butter!

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