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You Should Switch to Natural Soaps. Here’s Why

Aromariss soaps

I used to give my soaps to my friends when I first started making natural soap in 1999 as a hobby. It wasn't long before we discovered how better natural soaps are in comparison to commercial soaps. It was apparent that there was no going back, based on the change in our skin and a far better bathing experience. That is why I founded Aromariss: to educate people about natural soap and provide a better alternative to commercial soap.

But first, what is natural soap?

Simply put, natural soaps are made using various natural sources, which include organic ingredients. In our case, we use raw and natural ingredients such as herbs, clays, spices, and vegetable juices. To achieve exfoliating effects, we use oats and poppy seeds. We stay away from synthetic colours and fragrances and all our soaps are made u

sing the cold process method.

How is this different from commercial laden soaps?

These soaps are often mass-produced and may contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, artificial colouring, and phthalates. Natural soap, on the other hand, comprises healthful oils, essential oils, and organic components sourced safely and consciously.

So, what makes natural soap better?

1. It is chemical-free and unrefined

Natural soap has no artificial colours, synthetic components, synthetic scents, synthetic preservatives, or other additives. As a result, it is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Your skin will not get dry or irritated because of its skin-friendly components. Commercial soaps may include oils and butter, but they are frequently overrefined, compromising the purity and inherent advantages of these natural components.

2. Natural soaps are moisturizing

Watermelon soap

You must have experienced that tight skin feeling after using bar soap, but natural soaps are not designed to wreck your skin. For example, our natural soaps are manufactured utilizing the cold process method. Though it is the slowest and most time-consuming soap-making technique, it is our favourite because none of the intrinsic qualities of our natural ingredients are lost. Our cold-processed soaps include natural glycerin, a humectant that pulls moisture from the air to the skin and helps to hydrate it. Unfortunately, commercial soap producers remove the glycerin from their soaps to increase shelf life and allow it to be sold or used in other products, but the absence of glycerin in soap may dry up and irritate your skin.

3. Natural soaps are more eco-friendly

Everything, especially your daily lifestyle decisions, has an environmental impact. Commercial soaps are mass-produced, which can result in waste and deterioration of the environment. These soaps are manufactured by machines and include chemicals and preservatives to increase shelf life and wash down our drains into septic fields or water treatment facilities. Because of the significant manufacturing costs for mass-producing natural soaps, these large corporations are usually mainly concerned with generating money. As a result, natural soaps are typically made locally and in smaller batches. They not only have a low carbon impact, but they are also cruelty-free and natural.

4. Better for your skin and your wallet in the long run

You may be wondering why natural soap is sometimes more expensive than commercial soap. Let us break it down for you quickly: commercial soaps are mass-produced; therefore, their manufacturing costs are cheaper than natural soaps, whose production process is lengthier. Commercial soaps not only contain synthetic chemicals that are inexpensive to create in the lab, but they are also devoid of additional oils or glycerin to enhance shelf-life. As a result, you, the consumer, are exposed to dry and irritated skin. In the long run, it is not cost-effective because you will go for your cream or lotion more frequently, which hopefully is not laden with chemicals! Your soap's skin irritants may even necessitate a visit to the dermatologist or a prescription. So, while natural handcrafted soaps are more expensive, they give a plethora of skin advantages.

5. Natural soap has aromatherapeutic benefits

Natural soap offers aromatherapeutic benefits because instead of artificial fragrances, it is made with pure essential oils, whose aromas will relax you after a stressed and tired day. All it takes is a whiff during your shower. For instance, lavender can lift headaches, frustration, restlessness, insomnia, and stress. You can learn more about the benefits of lavender here. So, although synthetic fragrance oils can mimic the perfume of a flower or plant, they have no aromatherapeutic benefit. Only pure essential oils can trigger the release of different neurochemicals in the brain, which can impact the body, mind, and soul.

If you are ready to make the switch, we highly recommend reading product labels to search for essential oils or plant extracts you may be allergic to. Similarly, for individuals with sensitive skin, perform a patch test before washing your face and or your body with a new soap.

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